Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi (born January 8, 1986) is a Japanese AV (porn) star who made her debut in the AV circuit in the last quarter of 2005. Ozawa is unique with her half-Japanese, half-Canadian ethnicity, lending her an exotic look many cite for her quick jump to fame.

She started her career by modeling for the site shirouto-teien.com, which resulted in several sets of photographs and two hardcore gonzo videos. She was then signed by the S1 AV company, premiering for them in October of 2005 with the video “New Face.” S1 has subsequently released one original Ozawa video per month. She has also been featured in several S1 compilation videos including the companys entry in the 2006 AV Open, a competition between Japanese pornographic studios whose aim is to see which studio can produce the highest selling video. The compilation video featuring Maria Ozawa, among others, won first place. She has done several photo-books and glamour videos that feature her in the nude, but not performing sexual acts.

Other activities

Besides adult videos, Maria Ozawa has appeared in V-cinema films, a and several glamour videos. In 2007, she played the character Anita on the popular Japanese TV drama on TV Asahi. In addition, Ozawa was on a 2007 episode of the Japanese variety show Megami no hatena ("The Goddess of What Is That") on Nihon TV as part of a series with AV actresses telling why they went into AV work.She has also appeared on Japanese MTV with the hip hop artist SEAMO, who is also a fan,and in the 2007 music video Summer Time in the D.S.C. with the Yokohama hip hop group DS455. Ozawa could be seen in 2007 performing twice at the Shinjuku striptease bar "Shinjuku New Art". She took dance lessons to prepare but was still very nervous. She danced in a variety of outfits including appearing as a belly-dancer, a geisha and a cowgirl. Three videos were released of her performance and a behind-the-scenes interview.[22] She followed up on her Shinjuku experience by starring in a cabaret show in Macao. The show, called "Tokyo Nights", ran at the Rockza night club in the Grand Lisboa Hotel from August 16 to September 6, 2008 and featured Ozawa and several other Japanese performers. The shows received mixed reviews. Promotional materials show her with a (temporary) tattoo.[23] In 2008, Ozawa acted in her first mainstream movie, Invitation Only, billed as "Taiwan's First-Ever Slasher Horror". The film is produced by Three Dots Entertainment in Taipei, Taiwan and co-stars Julianne Chu. Ozawa plays a supermodel and has dialog in English and Japanese. Her professionalism impressed her co-workers and her role was expanded to include further scenes. The film was released in Taiwan in August 2008.

Personal life
Her hobbies include cooking and watching AVs on her flatscreen television set. She also enjoys playing video games, and owns a pink Nintendo DS Lite, and a pink PlayStation 2 console. Ozawa has been fairly open about her private life granting several interviews and keeping a very detailed text and picture blog of her life and activities dating back to October 2005. During a 2007 interview, Ozawa reported that her interest in the AV industry remains high, and her video cabinet contains nothing but AVs. She makes a good living from the industry, living in a mansion (a high-class apartment) with a US$1,682-per-month rent, and earning a minimum of $8,000 per month.However, while she says that she would quit the industry only if she is forced to do something else, she would try to prevent a friend from beginning work in the AV industry. Ozawa's family and friends are against her chosen profession in spite of her apparent pride in her work. When she brought several of her videos home to show her parents, they refused to watch them and told her to get out. In mid-2008, it was reported in the Japanese tabloid newspapers ShÅ«kan Bunshun and Tokyo Sports that Ozawa was dating J-pop star Koki Tanaka from the group KAT-TUN. According to the reports, Ozawa neither confirmed or denied the rumours, saying only "If I’m dating someone I will stay devoted to him! I have a rule against sex friends. It’s not a good thing, plus having one boyfriend is enough"

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